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Lymphocyte and Disease

Chenqi Xu  Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Chenqi Xu is now a principle investigator and assistant director at Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry (SIBCB), Chinese Academy of Sciences. He oversees the graduate and postdoctoral office. He also serves as a deputy director of State Key Laboratory of Molecular Biology. 

Chenqi Xu received his B.S. in Biochemistry from East China Normal University in 1998. He completed his PhD training in protein chemistry with Dr. Chengwu Chi in 2004 at SIBCB. A part of his PhD work was done in University of Leuven and University of Hasselt in Belgium, under supervision of Drs. Jan Tytgat and Emmy Van Kerkhove. He then received postdoctoral training in immunology with Dr. Kai Wucherpfennig at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School. In 2009, he moved back to SIBCB to start his independent career. 

Dr. Xu grew up at a beautiful town of Zhejiang Province and he enjoyed mountain hiking during his childhood.  He is a fan of soccer and his ultimate wish is China can win the world cup someday.


Hua Li

Associate Professor

Zeli Peng

Research Associate

Xiangbo Meng

Research Associate


Yibing Bai


Jun Guo


Chengsong Yan


Graduate Student

Xing He

Shutan Jiang


Xiwei Liu

Qiuping Zhou


Hengyu Zhu

Wei Wu

Chenxi Li

Zhen Li


Li Meng

Qinshu Wang


Xinyi Xu

Xiaotong Zhao


Kexin Liu

Lin Zheng


Changting Li

Ph.D. Student,Institut Curie (M.S., 2014-2017)

Jin Zhang

Postdoc, German Cancer Research Center (PhD., 2010-2017)

Lunyi Li

Investment Manager, M.Eng., ZJHC Venture Capital. (M.S., 2010-2013)

Manman Xue

Field Applications Scientist, Curiox Biosystems, Singapore (M.S., 2015-2018)

Weiling Pan

Associate Scientist, Johnson and Johnson China R&D Center (M.S., 2012-2016)

Shuokai Chen

Investment Director, Jangsu Tenykinho Investment Management Co.,Ltd..( M.S., 2013-2016)

Yingfang Wang

Technical support, Pfizer CRDC. (M.S., 2011-2015)

Wei Yang

Professor, Southern Medical University. (PostDoc, 2013-2016; PhD., 2007-2013)

Xiaoshan Shi

Postdoc, University of California, Berkeley. (PhD., 2009-2014)

Xingdong Guo

Senior Scientist II, Shanghai WuXi Biologics. (PostDoc, 2014-2017; PhD., 2009-2014)

Yan Jiang

PhD. Candidate, Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital (M.S., 2009-2013)

Binlu Huang

Senior Research Engineer, Immunochina. (Postdoc, 2018-2020)